Citing an Interview in APA Format

Professionals in the social sciences use the American Psychological Association style for all scholarly papers and standard written communication. APA format commonly uses in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes and a "References" page. The goal of APA format is to be as straightforward as possible in style and attributions, for an organized, uninterrupted flow of ideas. When citing an interview used for an APA paper, it is considered personal communication, and therefore isn't included on the References page.

Formatting an Interview for APA Style

According to APA style guidelines, an interview is non-recoverable data, so you do not need to cite your interviewee in a reference list. Whether paraphrasing or quoting a source that you have interviewed, cite the interview in the main text after the quoted or paraphrased statement. Use the source’s first initial, followed by a period, then the last name, the words “personal communication,” concluding with the month, day and year. For example: (B. Crowe, personal communication, January 1, 2014). You can also use it contextually: B. Crowe stated that APA style can be quite tricky. (personal communication, January 1, 2014). In this case, you are using the name of the interviewee in the sentence; therefore, you do not need to repeat it afterward in parentheses, but just need the words “personal communication" with the date.