How to Write a Letter for a Donation to Help a Family

You might know a family that needs help in some way. This could be a family that you know personally or it could be a family that you help through your job or a volunteer position, such as if you work in a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. To help this family, one thing that you can do is write a letter to people you know, businesses and other organizations asking for donations on their behalf.

Step 1

Type in your contact information at the top of the letter. The people to whom you send the letter might wish to contact you for more information.

Step 2

Place the recipient’s name and contact information below your own. Address the letter to an individual, rather than an entire company or organization.

Step 3

Explain who you are and what you are trying to accomplish with the letter, which is donations for the family in need.

Step 4

Talk about the family, their needs and how they came to be in the situation they’re in. For example, an illness may have led to the family’s financial downfall.

Step 5

Add information about how to donate, such as where donations can be sent for the family. Include an exact address and to whom any checks should be made out. List your phone number again in case there are any questions.

Step 6

Thank the recipients in advance for their generosity and remind them how much you and the family appreciate their support.

Step 7

Sign the letter with a closing and your full name.

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