How to Write a Resume for a Chaplain Job

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A chaplain is a member of the clergy who works in a chapel, usually at a college, university or a military base. A resume for a chaplain job is a list of credentials relevant to your career title or position. Having a resume is a way to impress your potential employer.

Center your name, address, telephone number, and email address at the top of the page, all on separate lines. Highlight all in bold.

Type "Objective" (and highlight in bold) flush left on the page. An objective is usually one sentence that explains your career or position goals. An objective should be specific to the job for which you are applying. Examples of an objective for a chaplain job are, "To provide guidance and spiritual counseling to the followers of the faith," or “To train other chaplains to teach others the way of life.”

Type "Education" (and highlight in bold) following "Objective." In this section, list the college/colleges you attended and the dates you graduated. Include any theology or bible schools, or religious seminars or programs you attended in this section as well. Also add any certifications you have as a chaplain. For example, if you took part in a 4-week chaplain training or seminar program, it should be listed under this category.

Type "Experience” (and highlight in bold) following "Education." List your past work experience in chronological order. If you work or have worked at two positions simultaneously, list the more significant first. Describe your responsibilities and achievements in each position.

Type "Honors" (and highlight in bold) following "Experience." Use bullets to list your honors, activities or memberships. This is where you should list the awards you have received in other chaplain-related positions to show your potential employer your dedication and commitment to the chaplain position.

Be sure to "Save" your document, then "Print."

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