How to Write a Self-Biography

A self-biography, or an autobiography, is a literary work that describes your life and accomplishments. You may desire to write a self-biography in order to inform others about how events in your past contributed to the development of your future. A self-biography is a personal account, and you should therefore incorporate your opinions and emotions into what you are writing. In order to write a self-biography, create an outline, write a draft of the self-biography and then edit the self-biography.


Step 1

Create an outline. In order to write a self-biography, you should organize your information in the form of an outline. Make an introduction heading, a heading about your childhood, a heading about your adult life and a conclusion heading.

Step 2

Write notes under the introduction heading about what your name is, where you were born and your main achievement. For example, you may have written a book of poems that displays your literary talent.

Step 3

Write notes about your childhood and adult years. This part of the self-biography is the body information. Under the childhood heading of the outline, write about your family situation and your educational experiences. Under the adult section of your outline, write about your jobs and accomplishments.

Step 4

Write notes about how your achievements have contributed to your outlook on life. For example, after writing that book of poetry, you may have decided that you want to dedicate your life to analyze other poetic works and using these analyses to help perfect your poetry writing skills.

Step 5

Create a rough draft of the self-biography. Using you outline as a guide, create a rough draft of the self-biography. As you write, remember to include your personal insight. For example, write about how you felt after you wrote your first poem.

Step 6

Edit the self-biography. When editing the self-biography, read each paragraph aloud. After you fix your errors, write the final version of the self-biography.

Things You'll Need

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Computer