How to Write a Self-Written Contract

Whenever an agreement is reached between two people or companies, a contract can be written up and signed to make the agreement official. A contract especially is important to have if any type of payment is being exchanged between the two individuals or companies who are involved in the agreement. No matter what type of agreement it is, a self-written contract generally is plenty to document the terms of the agreement for both parties.

List all involved parties at the beginning of the contract. State that the agreement is being made between you and the other individual or company and include the date. For companies, also add the business address.

Explain the exact terms of the agreement, using as many details as necessary. Doublecheck all information for accuracy and use exact figures, such as dates and monetary values.

Ask the other party to review the self-written contract and approve the contents. Make any revisions necessary until everyone involved is in agreement.

Add two signature lines and lines for dates at the bottom of the self-written contract. Type the names of those signing beneath the lines. Once the contract is printed, all parties involved should sign above their names and add the date.


Make the self-written contract more official by signing in the presence of a notary or lawyer and getting it notarized.