How to Write Sentences on a Citizenship Test

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A naturalization test is part of the procedure when applying for U.S. citizenship. During the test you're required to prove you can write, speak and read English as well as have knowledge of American history and government. To pass the written test, you need to correctly write one sentence out of three. The topics are history and civics. Exercise your vocabulary by using the USCIS study materials. Sentences will be dictated to you.

Identify three elements: subject, verb and object, in the sentence dictated

Write the subject of the sentence first. It can be the name of a person, city or a pronoun.

Write down the verb. Spot whether the subject is singular or plural, so that you can adjust the verb to suit.

Add the object of the sentence last to form the complete sentence. An example of the complete sentence is: "I (subject) live (verb) in the United States (object)."


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