How to Write a Well Developed Essay

No matter what subject you are writing an essay on, it is important for it to be well-developed so you can convey thoughts to the reader in a coherent way. Every well-written essay contains three vital pieces: introduction, thesis and conclusion. With these three pieces, you will create a suitable essay with developed thoughts and examples.

Start out your essay with an introduction on what your essay will be about. The overview is ideally a paragraph long and the first sentence should provide an answer to the essay question posed.

Write out the body of the essay, or thesis, to back up what you stated in the introduction. The thesis should provide examples and explanations to illustrate the answer you provided in your first sentence. Raise important and vital points in the thesis, specifically answering anything you previously mentioned.

Formulate each paragraph in your thesis with a pattern to stay cohesive. Start the first sentence of each paragraph with a topic relevant to the question you are answering and provide your argument. You should also illustrate your claims with documentation or statistics and conclude each paragraph before moving on to the next one.

Finish the essay with a conclusion and tie up everything you stated in the essay. Explain how you came to the conclusion you did and tie it in with your introduction. Once you are finished, proofread to make sure it reads well. features all of the proper documentation and is free of grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

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