How to Tell if a Kindle Book Has DRM

Understanding whether a Kindle book has DRM protection is essential if you want to loan the book to someone else. DRM -- an abbreviation for digital rights management -- is a security technology that prevents you from copying a book from your Kindle. The publisher or rights holder dictates whether a book has DRM security or not. You can check for DRM on both the Kindle itself and on the Amazon website.

On Kindle

Load the Manage Your Kindle screen on your Kindle.

Click the "+" sign next to the Kindle book title you want to examine for DRM. Titles are located under the Your Orders section of the Manage Your Kindle screen.

Look for the book's product image. If the words "Loan this book" are written next to the product image, then the Kindle book does not have DRM.

Amazon Website

Launch a new Web browser tab and navigate to the Amazon Kindle Store.

Browse for the book title you want to examine for DRM.

Scroll down to the Product Details section of the page. If the word "Enabled" appears next to the Lending heading, then the book does not have DRM.