How to Cancel a Subscription of "W" Magazine

"W" is a luxury and lifestyle magazine heavily devoted to fashion. Cancel a subscription to "W" magazine by contacting the publishing company either by phone or online, as outlined in the steps below.

Call "W" magazine's publishing offices toll free at (800) 289-0390. You will need to provide your name and mailing address. You may be asked for your 10-digit account number, which is the second line of digits at the top of the mailing label on your magazine.

Alternately, you can register with "W" magazine online to access the publishing company's customer care website (only current subscribers may register). Access the customer care site from the main "W" magazine website:

Once you have registered online, visit the company's customer care site (the link is under "Resources") and click on subscription cancellation, then enter your account number, name and mailing address in the fields provided.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone or Internet connection
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