How to Use Harvard Referencing in Text for a Website

The Harvard referencing system is one of the most widespread ways of referencing work. In particular, it is used by colleges and universities. Learning this referencing system by heart would be a major undertaking. Instead, turn to a reference guide when writing essays or research papers. Referencing websites in the text of an academic paper is a relatively new aspect of Harvard referencing; there are a very clearly defined set of rules, which you should follow to correctly reference Internet resources.

Identify the author of the website you are referencing. For example, if you are referencing an Internet article written by one or more authors, you should find out their first initial and surnames. Write down each author's name on a piece of paper. If the article does not list its writer, write down the name of the organization, such as National Geographic.

Find the date of the website you are referencing. It is commonplace to display today's date at the top of a web page somewhere, but you need to find the date the web page itself was published. Scroll to the bottom of the article to see if there is any indication of when the website was originally published.

Write the in-text citation within the text. Open a bracket before writing authors name(s) and the year the article was originally published. For example, if you were to reference this article, your in-text citation would read (Francis, 2011).

Press the space bar immediately after the in-text citation and insert a footnote using your writing software. Search for a tab called "Reference" somewhere in your writing software's options (often at the top of the page). Click "Reference" and insert a footnote. This will display a small number on the page, ascending from one, next to your in-text citation.

Scroll down to the end of your document or open a separate document. Write the heading "References" or "Bibliography" at the top of the page. List the websites and any other references you have used in the text, along with the number that corresponds to the reference.

For example, for your first reference, write the number 1 and then insert the following information: The author name, date of the website, title of the web page, [online], Available at: <> [accessed date]

Copy the format as above for all websites used, including all parentheses.

  • Check with a teacher or lecturer or academic if you are uncertain of your referencing. Do it before you write an entire essay, so you know the correct way to reference work before your start working.
  • Note that formatting references for websites is achieved in a different way from other types of sources, such as books or journals. Make sure you are clear on how to format other types of reference.
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