Amazing Topics for a Research Paper

Picking an amazing topic for a well-written research paper begins with brainstorming ideas, gathering information and organizing the paper to support the topic. Students should pick topics they enjoy researching and reading about as well as topics that contain easily accessible and readily available information. Good research papers use a mix of periodicals, government data and statistics.

Health Care

Health care topics make for a great research paper because students can focus on patient care, the proposed government-run health care system and ethics. Topics about patient care can cover issues about the growing health care worker shortage, battling obesity and addressing long-term care. A number of views exist on both sides of the political debate regarding the proposed government-run health care program, including the stress it places on the current system, the money it will cost and the money it would save over the long term. Ethical research papers can focus on physician-assisted suicide, birth selection, abortion and stem cell research.

Social Issues

Social issues such as the war on drugs, poverty and unemployment develop into amazing topics for research papers because of their long existence in American society. In a research paper about the war on drugs, topics can focus on the money spent on the problem, the media’s portrayal of drugs in movies and television, and the crime issues related to drug use. Poverty research topics can address nonprofit involvement in helping people, the cycle of dependency, and successful and unsuccessful government programs. Unemployment research topics include trends over time and sectors of the job market affected the most. All of these topics can include breakdowns of racial, socioeconomic, age and educational backgrounds.


Researching educational topics allows students to analyze issues affecting K-12 and college education. Amazing topics about education include using computers in the classroom, extending the school year, using a teacher’s aide to help children learn, separating children by sex, putting high-ability learners in their own classroom and teaching students what they need to know for standardized tests. On the college level, topics can address effectiveness of online education, academic dishonesty, rising costs for a college education and the value of certain degrees. Educational research can also focus on answering questions such as whether or not spending more on education gets better results and whether or not paying teachers more results in better teacher performance.


Media research covers issues in both broadcasting and advertising. Amazing topics in broadcasting can include cable’s influence over the big three networks, the growth of satellite radio and the portrayal of women on television over a period of time. Advertising research topics can focus on using culture to sell a product, deceiving advertisements and measuring the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements. Research can also address media effects and focus on issues such as video game violence, television's teaching children certain behavior and how people perceive media messages. A research paper can also analyze the effectiveness of public relations campaigns to show which practices work best.