How to Get Audible Credits

Audible gives members a chance to download audio books, podcasts, radio shows and more. After signing up for a membership, users receive credits to redeem for audio book downloads and other products. As of July 2021, most Audible downloads cost one credit. Once members finish using credits, they must pay cash for additional downloads. Instead of paying cash, find ways to get more Audible credits. Buying audio books using credits is cheaper than paying full price.

Step 1

Sign up for a free account using a valid email address. Once the account is created, start looking for audio books offered through Audible. Look for audio books that offer a free download with a 30-day Audible trial membership.

Step 2

Select an audio book on using the Audible free trial button found on the far right of the audio book product description. Selecting the free trial option will take you to the checkout page. The trial gives new members two free Audible credits.

Step 3

Create an Audible account to complete the purchase. Provide a valid check card or credit card number and expiration date. The card number is kept on file for the duration of the membership. As of March 2011, Audible charges a $1 fee to verify that the card is valid. The charge is refunded in two business days.

Step 4

Process the order to complete the purchase. Completing the purchase will use one of the free credits. To save the credit for future use, return to the Audible home page. The top right corner of the home page will show the number of credits that are currently in the account.

Step 5

Start the account cancellation process. After using the two free credits, select "account details" on the top right corner of the Audible home page. Choose "change my membership" found at the far right of the account details page. Scroll to the bottom left of the screen and select "cancel membership." Select your reason for cancellation and choose "continue." Accept the offer for free Audible credits in return for reconsidering account cancellation.


Audible charges reoccurring membership fees each month. Cancel before the renewal date to avoid fees. Credits not used before cancellation are removed from the account.