How to Become a Book Review Blogger & Get Free Books

Updated July 12, 2018

There are a few ways you can get free books other than checking them out at the library. You can become a book reviewer or a book review blogger and several publishing companies will gladly send you free copies of current books that are coming out. Read on to find out how to go about becoming a reviewer and getting free books.

First you have to find the companies that will send you the free books in exchange for writing a review about the book once you are finished reading it. The following publishing companies are currently looking for book review bloggers, to sign up to become one and start getting free books all you have to do is fill out the information on their web site.

Thomas Nelson Publishing Company: Bethany House Publishers:

After you sign up for their program they will mail you a book once you choose which one you would like to read from their selection. After you receive the book in the mail you are expected to fully read the book and write a short review about what you thought of the book. You should then post your review to your blog and a retail book web site like Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

Once you are finished posting the review to the sites you will have to notify the publishing company on their web site or through e-mail to show that you have wrote the review and posted it. Once you submit the links to the web sites that have your review posted on them you can then request another book to be mailed to you. All the books the publishing company sends to you are yours to keep free of charge. All they ask in return is that you write a review on each book. This is a great way to continuously get new free books to read.

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  • The faster you can read your book and write the review, the faster you can get a new book.
  • Follow the tips on the publishers site on how they like for reviews to be written.
  • Read the entire book and give a thorough review.

Things Needed

  • Internet
  • A Blog
  • Time

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