How to Cancel an LA Times Subscription

People cancel newspaper subscriptions for many reasons. Subscribers might feel the cost is too high, they might be moving out of town or state, they might take umbrage with the newspaper’s politics or slant, or they might obtain their news and information more often from the Internet, television or radio. If you’re considering canceling your Los Angeles Times subscription because you’re going on vacation, consider requesting a vacation hold instead. That way, your newspaper delivery will resume when you return from your trip. If you want to cancel your subscription, contact the newpaper’s Subscriber Services department.

Step 1

Call 800-252-9141 or 800-88-TIMES to cancel your subscription or request a vacation hold. To talk to a live person, say the word “subscribe."

Step 2

Register on the LA Times web services site to manage your subscription, if you prefer not to contact the newspaper by phone. Log into your account to cancel or modify your subscription or request a vacation hold.

Step 3

Send a letter by U.S. mail requesting cancellation to: LA Times Subscriber Services, 202 W. 1st St. Los Angeles, CA 90012, if you don't have Internet service. In your letter, ask for a phone call, e-mail or letter to verify your cancellation.