How to Publish a Magazine on a Kindle

The Kindle ebook reader is one of the most popular products on, with Amazon claiming to have sold more Kindles than any other product. Authors and publishers can make their products available in electronic format for the Kindle, though this was initially limited to books and traditionally-printed products. With the creation of the Kindle Publishing for Periodicals service, however, Amazon allowed magazine creators to begin publishing their magazines directly to the Kindle platform.

Sign up for a Kindle Direct Publishing account. Users with an active account can sign into Kindle Direct Publishing using their Amazon account information.

Visit the Kindle Publishing for Periodicals page and click the "Request to Become a Beta Publisher" button. You will be taken to the KPFP request page.

Fill out the request form with all required information, selecting "Magazine/Journal/Newsletter" as your publication type. You need to supply the name of your magazine, the language it is published in and your contact information to complete the application. You may provide a website for the publication and your current circulation amount, if desired, as well.

Click "Submit" to send your application to the KPFP review team. It may take 24 hours or longer to hear back from the review team; once your application is accepted, the Kindle Publishing for Periodicals platform will be integrated into your Kindle Direct Publishing account.

Log into your Kindle Direct Publishing account and set up a new periodical publication. You will need to supply a product cover image for your magazine, contact information for the publisher and a general description of the magazine. You also need to provide the publishing frequency of the magazine, its cover price and a logo image for the magazine title. An XML feed needs to be supplied for the magazine itself, providing 100 percent of the magazine's content in RSS 2.0, NITF or XHTML format.

Submit the magazine information for review. It can take up to four weeks for a new magazine to be added to the Kindle network, so be patient. Once added, new issues will become available as they are provided to the Kindle periodical network.


Once accepted to the Kindle Publishing for Periodicals program, Amazon will supply you with information on setting up new magazines for distribution and how to properly format your magazine to be accepted by the Kindle network.


Individual magazine issues can be added to the Kindle network by uploading them as separate digital books, though this is a much more work-intensive program than the automatic distribution provided by the Kindle Publishing for Periodicals program.

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