How to Cancel Nook Subscriptions

NOOK magazine subscriptions, the exclusive service available through Barnes and Noble, can be canceled for any reason. The request has to go through customer service or you can do it yourself through your NOOK account online. You cannot cancel directly from your NOOK device as of 2015.

Via Online Account

From the Barnes and Noble website, log into your NOOK account and click on the link "Manage Subscriptions." Find the title of the magazine you want to cancel and choose the "Cancel Subscription" button.


Barnes and Noble bills magazine subscriptions on a monthly basis, so you will not be responsible for any remaining months once you cancel. You will not receive a partial refund if you cancel in the middle of the month.

Through Customer Service

Customer Service, which can always register a cancellation, is available two ways. In the NOOK account, click on the Customer Service tab and make the request through the live online chat feature. By phone, call 1-800-843-2665.

Free Trial Cancellation

At times, NOOK will offer a free 14-day trial on one magazine subscription. If you do not cancel the subscription before the trial period is over, Barnes and Noble charges the credit card you have on file. The steps to cancel a free trial are the same as cancelling a regular subscription.


Any magazine issues you received before cancelling stay in your NOOK library.

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