Children's Activities for the Bible Story of the Angel Freeing Peter From Prison

The Bible story about the angel freeing Peter from prison is found in Acts 12:1-19. Children can learn the basic story of the angel freeing Peter from prison, as well as the lessons of trusting in God, praying for others and standing up for what you believe. Crafts, games and other activities can help children remember these important lessons and some verses that will help them in their Christian walk with Christ.

Storytelling Visual

Make a three-dimensional picture to illustrate the story. Obtain a clean foam meat tray, about eight by 10 inches. Turn the tray so the 10-inch width is along the bottom and top. Cut small notches about an inch apart along the top and the bottom edges. Tape one end of a two-yard length of twine to the back of the tray behind the first bottom notch. Wrap the twine around the meat tray, pushing the twine into each bottom and top matching notches to make the project look like a room with bars. Draw or copy Bible figures of Peter sitting and standing, two sleeping guards, two standing guards and one angel. Slip the figures inside and outside the bars while telling the story. The children may also make a similar project for a take-home craft.

Quiet Escape Game

Have four children be characters in this "quiet escape" game. The remaining children can be the characters in other rounds of the game. Position the children away from a wall. Have one child be Peter sitting down, with one guard on each side of him. Loosely tie Peter's arms behind his back with toilet tissue. Have all the players except the angel pretend to be asleep. The other children in the room should hum or sing a Christian song to create some background noise. The angel will try to sneak around the soldiers and untie Peter's arms. When the guards hear the angel say, "Follow me," the guards may get up and try to tag Peter before he reaches a designated safe zone.

Chains Make-and-Eat Snack

Give each child five or six gummy worms or gummy laces. The children should form a chain with the gummy treats. Make a circle loop with one gummy candy and twist the ends together. Thread another candy through the first loop and twist the ends. Continue until all the candies have been used. Kids may eat the chain treats for a snack or place them in a plastic bag to take home.

Crayon Rubbings Bible Verses

Verse 11 says, "The Lord has sent his angel." In verse 17, Peter sends his friends to tell others about God sending the angel to free him from prison. Children can make a crayon rubbing picture by placing white tissue craft paper over some items and rubbing the sides of crayons over the objects to create pictures. Provide cardboard angel cutouts, toothpicks for prison bars and different types of chains. Children may finish the pictures with their own drawings and also write one or both verses on their pictures.

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