How to Cite an Almanac in MLA Style

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Almanacs are periodical, being published yearly, so they fall into the same citation category as publications like encyclopedias, dictionaries and atlases in Modern Language Association format. When referencing an almanac in a document, cite it both in-text and on the Works Cited page.

Works Cited Citation

When citing an almanac on the Works Cited page, include the entry name in quotations, publication name in italics, volume number, edition year and medium in the following format: "General Weather Forecast and Report." The Old Farmer's Almanac. 2009 ed. Print. If the citation takes up more than one line, indent all lines after the first.

In-Text Citation

For an in-text citation of an almanac, include the entry name in quotation marks and page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence like this: The April and May temperatures are predicted to be higher than normal throughout western Quebec ("General Weather Forecast and Report" 81).

If the name of the entry or publication is already stated in the sentence, include the page number in parentheses as follows: According to The Old Farmer's Almanac's General Weather Forecast and Report, a gradual cooling of the atmosphere will occur over the next few years (81). Italicize the name of the publication in the sentence.


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