How to Cite a Web Page in APA

Updated April 15, 2017

Step 1

Determine the author, publication date, web page title, the date you accessed the website and the URL address.

Step 2

Cite the web page in your text after using information from it in your report by using a parenthetical reference. The format for parenthetical references is "(Author's Last Name Date of Publication)."

Step 3

Include the web page in your reference list at the end of your paper using the following format:

Last Name, First Name. (Date of Publication). Website title (in italics). Retrieved (date you access the website), from the URL address.

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  • If there is no author for the website, start your citation with the title of the website.
  • If there is no date for the website, write "n.d." for the date of publication on the entry for the bibliography.
  • If there is no title for the website, write a short description such as "Homepage."

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