How to Cite a Product Label in APA Format

If you're writing about manufacturing practices or nutrition, you may have to reference product information in your paper. If you're working with American Psychological Association, or APA, style, you already have a template you can use to cite product information.

Reference List Citation

The basic APA format for citing product information as one of your references is as follows:

Company name. (Year produced). Product name: Section of information. Company location: Author.

For example:

General Mills. (2015). Cheerios: Nutritional facts. Minneapolis, MN: Author.

If you are taking product information from a website instead, replace the company location information with "Retrieved from" and the uniform resource locator, or URL:

The Quaker Oats Company. (2015). Aunt Jemima: Nutritional facts. Retrieved from:

In-Text Citation

When citing the product label reference in the text of your work, use an in-text citation. This is parenthetical text that includes the manufacturer's name and the year of manufacture:

(General Mills, 2015)

(The Quaker Oats Company, 2015)

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