How to Cite an Audio Clip in MLA Format

MLA style, a writing guide crafted by the Modern Language Association, is most often used to inform writing about language, literature or other topics in the humanities. And while most of the citations in an MLA paper refer to written sources, the style also provides guidelines for citing sound recordings.

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For organizational purposes, the MLA citation should begin with the name of the artist, performer or composer, followed by a period. Then comes the name of the song or audio track in quotation marks followed by a period. If applicable, the name of the album should be listed next, in italics, and followed by another period. Next should come the name of the record manufacturer, a comma and the date of publication. Finally, the citation should include the medium of the recording.

An example citation would read: Radiohead. "Electioneering." OK Computer (italics). Capitol, 1997. CD.

Parenthetical Citations

When the audio clip is referenced in the body of an MLA text, point it out through the use of a parenthetical citation. At the conclusion of the sentence referencing the clip, the author should simply include -- prior to the closing period -- the name of the artist in parentheses.

An example would read: The lyrics tell of a failed relationship (Radiohead).

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