How to Cite an Author and Editor in APA

The American Psychological Association (APA) established its own unique citation style, used mostly for research papers in the humanities. This citation style requires in-text citations tied to a List of Works Cited. Author or editor citations have specific in-text and Works Cited List formats. In-text citations generally include the author or editors name and a date, contained in parentheses, at the end of the sentence, before the period. When summarizing a source's material, the editor or author is included within the summarization. Author and editor names are included at the beginning of the Works Cited List entries.

Step 1

List sources with single author's name for in-text citations within parentheses by last name, comma, first and middle initials, comma, and date of publication) for the first citation only. For succeeding citations, write only the last name and date). Example: (Gibaldi, J. 1999). Create the Works Cited List entry, including: Last name, comma, and first initial. (date). Resource title (italicized). Publishing Company. Separate all the information in the entry with periods.

Step 2

Add in-text citations with sources with more than one author in the same method as above, including all authors' names, enclosed within the parenthesis. Separate each of the authors' names with a comma and place an ampersand (&) before the last name on the list. For subsequent in-text citations, list only the first authors name, the Latin words et al (and others), and the date within the parentheses). Create an entry for the Works Cited List by listing both authors (for a source with two authors) or listing the first author (last name, comma, first and middle initials) followed by the Latin words et al (and others) --- in the case of sources with multiple authors --- then finish out the entry as any other source with authors.

Step 3

Cite organizations, corporations,, or government agencies (for organizations acting as authors) by substituting the organization's name for the author's name, and not using abbreviations, but spelling out the name completely. Make the substitution for the Works Cited List entries and the first in-text citation. For subsequent in-text citations, an organization's name may be abbreviated as long as the abbreviation is well known. Examples: APA, MLA, NASA, FDA, IBM.

Step 4

Substitute the name of the editor for sources with no author following the in-text citation and Works Cited List formats. Follow the editors name with a comma, the letter Ed. (for editor), a comma, and the date for in text citations. Alter the Works Cited List entry slightly by writing the editors name first followed by a period, placing the (Ed.) within parenthesis followed by a period, followed by the date, title (italicizes) and the publisher's information, all separated by periods.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • APA Style Book
  • Resources information
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