How to Cite the Bureau of Justice Website in APA Style

The sixth edition of the American Psychological Association's publication manual contains information for citing sources both within text and on a "References" page at the end of a paper. There are specific requirements for all materials, including electronic resources like the Bureau of Justice Statistics website, to make sure citations are clear and easy to find.


When citing a website, such as for the Bureau of Justice Statistics, begin with the author or organization's name, followed by a period. The website's date is within parentheses. If no date is indicated, "n.d." (without quotation marks) is used for "no date." Next comes a period and the italicized title of the page in sentence case. Another period is followed by "Retrieved from" (without quotation marks) and the URL.

For example, an entry could read: Bureau of Justice Statistics. (2013). New releases (italicized). Retrieved from (add the URL)

Website Page

If a document within a larger website is included on the reference page, the citation begins with the author's last name, a comma and the author's first initial.

If there are multiple authors, names are separated by commas in the same format, and an ampersand ("&") comes before the final name.

If no authors are indicated, the title of the specific page is listed instead. There is a period, and then the date is listed in parentheses. Another period is followed by the title of the document in sentence case and a period. Next is the italicized name of the website, a period and "Retrieved from" followed by the URL.

For example: Kyckelhahn, T. (2012). State corrections expenditures. Bureau of Justice Statistics(italicized). Retrieved from (add the URL)

In-Text Citation

If specific information from a website is included in text, the source is indicated within parentheses. The author's last name is listed first. If there is no author, then the organization's name is used, followed by a comma and then the year. If there is no date, that is indicated with "n.d."