How to Cite a Class Lecture in MLA Format

The seventh edition of "MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers" offers formatting guidelines and style suggestions for the humanities and liberal arts. Information acquired during lectures can be significant sources for research projects. It is crucial you properly identify your source when incorporating material from class notes.

In-Text Citations

After discussing information from class notes in your text, your in-text citation should include the lecturer's name within parentheses. For example, "The Harlem Renaissance period produced many talented artists (Jackson)." MLA also gives you the option of writing the lecturer's name and title or subject of the presentation in your citation. For example, "In Professor Jackson's lecture, "The Artists of the Harlem Renaissance," she discussed...."

Works Cited Page

In-text citations for class lectures must be included the Works Cited page. Works Cited entries should provide the lecturer's last and first name, title or subject of the lecture, course title, college name and location. Additionally, give the day, month, and year as well as a descriptive label. For example: Jackson, Latreyce. "The Artists of the Harlem Renaissance." Introduction to African-American Heritage. Beale University. Tennessee. 1 September 2010. Lecture.