How to Cite a Compilation Book in MLA

Modern Language Association style is used in writing and research in the liberal arts and humanities fields. MLA style outlines specific guidelines for referencing materials within a paper. To cite print sources, such as compilation books, you must follow appropriate MLA guidelines.

In-Text Citation

According the 7th edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, the in-text citation appears at the end of the sentence referencing the compilation, before the final punctuation. Place in parentheses the editors' last names followed by the page number. For example: (Wiliford and Martone 203). If the editors' names are included in the referencing sentence, place only the page number in parentheses before the final punctuation. For example: (203).

Works Cited Page

MLA papers require a Works Cited page listing all sources referenced in the paper. A Works Cited citation for a compilation starts with the compilation editor's last name, a comma, and then the first name, followed by a comma and "ed." (or "eds." if there are multiple editors -- note that the second editor's name is entered with the first name followed by the last name). Place a period after this. Italicize the title of the work, capitalizing all major words, and follow it with a period. Include the city of publication, a colon, the publisher name, a comma, the year of publication and then a period. Add the publication medium -- "Print" -- followed by a period. For example:

Wiliford, Lex, and Michael Martone, eds. The Scribner Anthology of Contemporary Short Fiction: 50 North American Stories Since 1970 [in italics]. New York: Touchstone, 2007. Print.

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