How to Cite a Conference Presentation Using Harvard Style

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The Harvard reference system, also referred to as the author-date citation system, is not affiliated with Harvard University. Harvard style offers clear instructions on how to prepare accurate citations for conference presentations. Conference presentations can serve as exceptional resources for research projects or career related reports. Depending on the quality of information and credentials of presenters, information acquired at these sessions could prove invaluable during the research process or report preparation stage.

Reference Format

Harvard style citations for conference presentations should include the last name and first initial of the speaker followed by the year of presentation. The title of the presentation should be added using italics. Additionally, the title of the conference as well as date and location should be incorporated. An example of a completed Harvard style citation for conference presentations might be: Golden, A. 2014. The Evolution of Urban Literature from 2000-2014 (title in italics). International Librarians Exchange Annual Conference, 15 May, Johannesburg.


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