How to Cite "Great Expectations"

Charles Dickens' novel "Great Expectations" was first published serially from 1860-1861 and was then released as a complete book in England and the United States in 1861. The classic tale of young Pip's trials and tribulations is still being read and analyzed by high school and college students today. Depending on which class a paper about "Great Expectations" is for, you will need to cite the novel in the text and on the works cited or bibliography page in either APA, MLA or Chicago citation formatting style.

Step 1

Cite in Chicago Style. Place a footnote number at the end of the sentence where you quote or paraphrase "Great Expectations." Your word processing program will do this for you, and automatically add the footnote number to the bottom of your page where you can type the footnote: "Charles Dickens, Great Expectations (italicized), (the place where your copy was published, publisher, year your copy was published), page number." Repeat most of this information in the bibliography, only start with "Dickens, Charles" and leave off the page number. If your bibliography entry is more than two lines, the first line is flush against the left margin and the second line is indented five spaces.

Step 2

Follow APA rules. When writing in APA style, mention Dickens in the sentence and add the date "Great Expectations" was published in book format in parentheses (1861). If you quote the text, for example "Pip felt..." add Dickens' name and the date and page number in parentheses. In the reference list, the citation should read: "Dickens, Charles (1861). Great Expectations (in italics) Location: Publisher." The first line is flush against the left margin; any subsequent lines are indented five spaces.

Step 3

Obey MLA guidelines. When quoting from the text, put Dickens' name and the book's page number in parentheses at the end. On the Works Cited page at the end, the entry should read: "Dickens, Charles. Great Expectations (in italics). Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication." Again, the first line is flush against the left margin; any subsequent lines are indented five spaces.

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