How to Cite an Image in APA Format

If you use a static image element, such as a map, painting, photo or illustration, as a reference source in your report or paper, you'll need to cite it appropriately. APA style requires you to include several pieces of information in your citation, such as the image creator, the year, the title, the creator's role (i.e., photographer or artist) and the type of medium (i.e., photo or illustration). If the element is online, include the URL.

In-Text Citation

The in-text citation for an image uses the "Creator, Year" format or, if no date is available, "Creator, n.d."

For example:

Starry Night (van Gogh, 1889) is a masterpiece depicting the night sky over southern France.

Alternatively, you can include the creator's name in a signal phrase instead of in the parenthetical citation.

For example:

One masterful example of a painting is van Gogh's Starry Night (1889), depicting the night sky over southern France.

Reference List

The basic format for the reference listing includes the creator, his role, the year of publication, the title of the image, the type of image and the URL. The basic format is as follows:

Creator. (Role). (Year). Title (in italics) [Media]. Retrieved from URL

For example:

van Gogh, Vincent. (Artist). (1889). Starry Night (in italics) [Painting]. Retrieved from

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