How To Cite an Internet Image in a Bibliography in MLA Style?

Modern Language Association (MLA) style guidelines require a "Works Cited" page to be the final section of a paper or article. This list of all the works that have been quoted, summarized or paraphrased must be arranged alphabetically by the author's last name or by title when there is no author identified. According to the University of Maryland University College, the "MLA provides limited guidance on citing images," but all images, whether from books, institutions, private collections or the internet, that are included in the paper or article, must be cited as well.

Citing an Internet Image Also Found Elsewhere

Provide the artist's full name: last name and then first name. Example: O'Keeffe, Georgia.

Add the title in italics of the work of art. Example: Red Hills with White Shell (in italics). If the image is untitled, create your own brief title describing the piece. Do not italicize this descriptive title or put it in quotes. Capitalize only the first word and any proper nouns.

Continue with the year the work was created.

Specify the medium of the original creation, for example: painting, photograph, drawing, sculpture or diagram.

Include the institution and city where the work is housed, or the collector and collection that owns the image and where it is located. Example: Alfred Stieglitz Collection, Chicago.

Specify the type of publication where the image was found, in this case, type either "Online" or "Web."

End the citation with the name of the website in italics and, if desired, the URL in brackets. Example: Art Institute of Chicago (in italics).

Add the date you accessed the image and website, in this order: day, month and year. Example: 15 Feb 2010

Citing an Internet Image Found Only on the Web

Provide the name of the artist. Purdue's Online Writing Lab adds: "If the work is posted via a username, use that username for the author." If unknown, leave blank.

Add the title of the image. Italicize the title unless the image is untitled and you have had to create your own brief description the piece in lieu of a title. Do not italicize this descriptive title or put it in quotes. Capitalize only the first word and any proper nouns to differentiate it from an actual title.

Example: Pretty In Pink, Roses (in italics)

Include the medium or description of the work, for example, photograph, sculpture or drawing.

Follow with the date of the image, if available.

Include the words "Online image" or "Web image."

Add the italicized name of the website or supplier of the image. Example: Wallpapers DiQ. (in italics)

Follow with the date you accessed or downloaded the image.

End with the electronic address or internet website address in brackets using this format: < website address >. Example: