How to Cite Internet Images in APA Style

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The sixth edition of the "American Psychological Association Publication Manual" offers guidelines for writing in the social and behavioral sciences. A large component of the manual describes how to reference source material. Traditional forms of media, such as books and articles, are covered. More modern, electronic sources are also discussed, including Internet images.

Reference Page

Any material used in the text must be placed on the reference page at the end. For an Internet image, begin with the creator's last name, a comma and his initials. The creator is often the artist or photographer. Next, inside parentheses, comes the year the work was created. Add a period. Write the title of the work in sentence case. Put "[Online image]" without quotation marks and a period. Last comes "Retrieved from" without quotation marks and the URL without a final period; for instance: Smith, B. (2001). Boy and dog [Online image]. Retrieved from URL. However, if no creator is identified, put the title, [Online image] and a period before the date instead, such as: Mother cat and kittens [Online image]. (2012). Retrieved from URL

In-text Citation

When including an Internet image within text, use an in-text citation. After the material, start by putting the creator's last name, a comma and the year created inside parentheses, such as (Smith, 2001). If the creator's name is unavailable, use the title of the work instead.


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