How to Cite a Lab Manual in MLA Format

Updated July 21, 2017

In-Text Citation

After discussing material from any lab handbook, include an in-text citation within parentheses. Insert the author and the page number; for instance: (Department of Biology 21). If you mention the author in text, omit the name from the parentheses.

Works Cited Page

For a published handbook, begin with the author's name. For an individual, use the last name, a comma and the first name. Add a period. Insert the italicized title. Add a period. List the publication location, a colon, the publisher, a comma, the year and a period. Identify the medium, such as "Print" without quotation marks. Add a period; for instance: BioWorks. Biology Lab Manual. New York: BioWorks, 2010. Print.

For an unpublished handbook, begin with the author as you would for an unpublished work. Put the title and a period inside quotation marks. List "Lab handbook" without quotation marks. Add a period. Identify the organization connected to the handbook. Add a period. Include the organization's location and a period. List the handbook's date. Add a period. If no date is available, use "n.d." without quotation marks. Insert the medium, such as "Web" without quotation marks and a period; for example: Department of Biology. "Lab Manual for Bio 202." Lab handbook. Best College. New York. 2012. Web.

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