How to Cite a Magazine as a Whole

Citing information and resources is a necessary process in writing well developed papers. Citing allows the reader to refer to information used in gathering the research. Importantly, citing confirms that the writer of the research paper has undergone a thoughtful and detailed examination of the subject. This adds credence to the information presented and places the writer in a position of professional integrity. Often a magazine article is cited as a reference, but if a magazine as a whole is utilized to represent a particular area in the research, one option is to cite the magazine as an individual research resource.

Read the style book recommended by your instructor. Refer to the sections provided on citing, specifically those on how to cite a book. A book is an individual body of work. In this case, the magazine or periodical is conceptualized as a body of work and is seen under that same category.

Write out and examine an example of how a book is cited so that you can see the structure of the citation.

For example, in MLA format and style, the format for a book citation is: Last name, first name. Title of book. Place of publication: publisher, year of publication. Medium of publication.

Retrieve the magazine intended for the citation. Open and turn to the editorial page that presents a listing of all publishers, editors and magazine officers. This is the page where your citation information will be found. In this adaption from book citation to magazine citation, revise the format to reflect:

(editor in chief) last name, first name. Title of magazine. Place of publication: Publisher, year of publication. Medium of publication.

Complete the citation using the information gained from the editorial page. Using O The Oprah Winfrey Magazine, as an example, the full citation would be:

Winfrey, Oprah. O The Oprah Winfrey Magazine. New York. Hearst Communications, Inc. 2000-2011. Print.

If you are citing a magazine that no longer exists then note that time frame. For example, 2002-2007.

Make sure that each piece of information in the format is followed by a period.

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