How to Cite a Museum Exhibit in MLA Format

The Modern Language Association is an organization that publishes citation guidelines for research papers and other academic writing. MLA format is commonly used in disciplines within the humanities, such as English and history. If your professor has requested that you adhere to MLA format when citing sources, you must provide both a brief in-text citation and a full bibliographical entry in a works-cited page at the end of your research paper.

Step 1

Include the last name of the curator of the museum in parentheses within the text.

For example:


Step 2

Position your citation after quoting or paraphrasing from the exhibit.

For example:

An exhibit at the Arizona Museum of Natural History explains that these formations date from nearly 50,000 years ago (Green).

Step 3

Arrange your works-cited reference in the following manner:

Museum Curator's Last Name, First Name. Title of Placard (if any). Type of source. Title of Exhibit (in italics). Name of museum, city, state.

For example:

Green, Jennifer. Stalactites. Museum placard. Geologic Formations of the Prehistoric West (in italics). Arizona Museum of Natural History, Mesa, AZ.

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