How to Cite NIHM in APA Style

The American Psychological Association suggests a particular style for consistency in written material in the field of psychology. Authors writing within the field of psychology will often cite material from the National Institute of Mental Health. NIMH releases many materials such as booklets, brochures and fact sheets that may not explicitly fit the APA style. As an example, the following is how to cite the NIMH booklet on anxiety disorder.

Citing NIMH in APA Style

Step 1

Identify the author. If a publication from the NIMH such as the booklet on anxiety disorder does not mention individual authors, cite the author as the National Institute of Mental Health.

Step 2

Identify the date of publication. As of time of writing, the version of the NIMH anxiety disorder booklet available was published in the year 2009.

Step 3

Identify the title of the publication. The title of the NIMH booklet is Anxiety Disorders.

Step 4

Identify the place of publication or where you accessed the publication. If you accessed the anxiety disorder booklet online, you would cite the web address as well as the date accessed, as the page a web address points to may change over time.

Step 5

Format the reference. The APA style citation would read as: National Institute of Mental Health. (2009). Anxiety Disorders. Retrieved from

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