How to Cite an Online Brochure in APA Style

Corporations, medical research organizations and universities all publish brochures online. Many of these online brochures contain pithy, peer-reviewed information so they can be valuable resources for your research paper. If you're writing for a social sciences class, you'll probably use the American Psychological Association, or APA, citation style. The APA cites an online brochure much like a book, but with some additions to recognize its online format.


Step 1

Find the corporate author's name. For example, you'd like to cite the online brochure on thyroid cancer from the American Thyroid Association. Write "American Thyroid Association," then put a period.

Step 2

Find the year of publication. Write this year in parentheses, then put a period.

For example, the thyroid cancer brochure was published in 2005, so write "(2005)."

Many online brochures don't have a date of publication. If this is the case, then write "(n.d.)."

Step 3

Find the title of the brochure. Write this title in italics with only the first letter of the first word capitalized.

Don't put a period just yet.

Step 4

Find the edition of the brochure. If your brochure is the third edition, for example, write "(3rd ed.)" after the title. Then write the word "Brochure" in brackets and put a period, like this:


If no edition is listed, then simply write "[Brochure]."

Step 5

Find the specific author's name. Write the last name, a comma and the first initial. Then write a colon and the word "Author."

For example, if a brochure was authored by John Doe, write "Doe, J.: Author."

If no specific author is listed, then skip this step.

Step 6

Write the date you retrieved the brochure and the full URL (the website address that appears in your browser).

For instance, if you retrieved the thyroid cancer brochure on Jan. 25, 2010, then write this: "Retrieved January 10, 2010 from"

The full citation, then, will look like this:

American Thyroid Association. (2005). Cancer of the thyroid [Brochure]. Retrieved January 10, 2010 from

Things You'll Need

  • Copy of online brochure