How to Cite a Play in a Bibliography Using MLA

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Citing bibliography sources in Modern Language Association (MLA) format requires knowledge of MLA style guidelines. MLA style is often used for works in the humanities; you can use MLA format to cite a play in book form or a live play. While both can be cited in MLA format in your bibliography, the arrangement of the information is different for each one. Each form of the play must be correctly cited.

Play in a Book

Gather the necessary information from the book that will be displayed on the bibliography page. This includes the title of the play, the author, the publication information and editors of the book in which the play is contained.

Start with the author's name. The format is last name of the author, then first name. Follow with the title of the play. Italicize the title of the play.

Follow the title with the edition number, if applicable. Place the city of publication after the edition number. Follow with the publishing company and the year of publication. Add "Print" after the year of publication.

Ensure that your citation looks like this: Shakespeare, William. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. 2nd ed. Ed. W.G. Clark. London: Claredon, 1889. Print.

Live Play

Gather the necessary information from your play program. You will need the title of the play, the author, the director of the play, the city where the play took place and the date you attended the play.

Start with the title of the play. Underline the play's title.

Follow with the writer of the play. List the director after the writer.

Place the name of the facility where the play took place. Follow it with the location of the facility and date of the play performance. The date should be in the format of day, month, year.

Ensure that your citation looks like this: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. By William Shakespeare. Dir. John Smith. The New Globe Theatre, London. 29 April 2010.


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