How to Cite a Poster

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When using information published by other authors and academics, it is important to give them credit for their research. Posters and poster abstracts are used in academic conferences to present information visually, but most citation formats don't have an entry for "posters" in their manual. If your research uses information presented on a poster, use the following format to cite the poster in your works cited and avoid claims of plagiarism in your work.

List the author or authors of the poster. List the last name of the author, followed by a comma and the author's first name. If the poster has more than one author, list all other authors after the first author. End the section with a period.

List the title of the poster. Place the title inside quotation marks. End the section with a period.

List the name of the conference where the poster was displayed. End the section with a comma.

List the city and state that the conference was held in. Separate the city from the state with a comma. End the section with a comma.

List the date of the conference. Format the date using the standard for your citation style. End the section with a period.


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