How to Cite Online Publications APA Style With No Authors

APA stands for "American Psychological Association." The APA publishes a style guide that is frequently used in institutes of higher learning across the United States. MLA (Modern Language Association) uses a different style guide, but both citation styles are commonly used. The APA has specific rules about citing websites, particularly when the website has no author.

Step 1

Write the title of the article first. No quotation marks are necessary. Then type the publication date in parentheses. If no publication date is listed, you can simply type "n.d." for "No Date." Place the article title in alphabetical order in the reference list.

Step 2

Type the date that you retrieved the article. For example, type "July 10, 2010," if you retrieved the article and used it as a reference on said date.

Step 3

Type "from" and then type or copy and paste the article's URL. Do not simply type the address of the web page; be sure that the link goes to the specific article.

If you are referencing an entire website, and not a specific article or page of the website, it is not necessary to list the the source in your bibliography or citation page. Instead, simply place the website address in parentheses following the statement that the website supports within your paper.

For an in-text citation, provide the article title and publication date, if available, in parentheses. If you are citing an entire website, provide the name as shown on the website's title page.