How to Cite and Reference Internet Articles

Updated July 12, 2018

Need to cite that internet article for your paper? Can't remember where the periods are or what you need to include? Citations can be complicated...from school preferences and variances between APA and MLA formatting--it can get confusing!

Here, you will learn how to cite internet articles in APA format. It's quick, easy, accurate and helpful in those crunch times!

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Citing another author's work is a very important aspect of scholarly writing. Be sure to give credit to your sources. To do this simply and easily, look at the following examples.

To quote an article word-for-word, complete the in-paper citation for APA format as follows: (as an easy example, we will quote from step one of this article)

Writing papers can be easy but it is important to "give credit to your sources" as citations are a "very important aspect of scholarly writing" (EHow, 2009).

*This example quotes word-for-word text from step one. To show this, you simply enclose the quoted words with quotation marks. At the end of the sentence, you will enter the website's name and the year the article was written (as shown above).

*Remember, periods go outside parentheses and if the quotation comes at the end of the sentence (as above) there is no period there---only AFTER the citation.

To show where an idea came from without quoting word-for-word, you will do as follows: (an a simple example, we will use an idea based from step one of this article)

Scholarly articles can be easily written and properly cited so long as one gives credit where credit is due (Ehow, 2009).

*As you can see, the idea was originated from step one but the sentence did not quote the exact wording. Because of that, no quotations were necessary. Simply show ownership of the idea by listing the website's name and the year the article was written at the end of the statement (as shown above).

*Remember again--periods are outside parentheses!

At the end of the paper, you are finally ready To cite the references for your bibliography or reference page. fo do this, you will start a new (blank) page.

At the top (center) of the paper, type REFERENCES: Skip a line and list your references as follows--

Website Name. (year). Title of article: only capitalize first word. Retrieved October 5, 2009 from http//

Remember to capitalize the Website's Name The (year) as shown above will be the year the article was this case it would be (2009). The title of the article should be typed in italics. If hand-written, simply underline it. Only capitalize the FIRST letter of the FIRST word in the title of the article.
The part of the citation that says "Retrieved" then lists a date, should be the date when YOU FOUND and VIEWED the article of interest.
Be sure to list then entire web adress and only place a period at the end IF it is included in the web address.
If the citation requires more than one line of space, indent the second line (or following lines). Do not double-space within individual references. DO skip a line between different references! If you have more than one reference, list them in alphebetical order by the name of the website.

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