How to Cite Short Stories

Modern Language Association and American Psychological Association styles have similar formats for citing short stories with some minor differences.

References List

For APA style, list sources alphabetically by authors’ last names, using hanging indents. Include the date, in parenthesis, followed by the title, place of publication and publisher’s name. If the story is in a longer work, like an anthology, include the editors’ names after the story title, anthology title -- italicized -- and page numbers in parentheses, for example:

Poe, Edgar Allan (2000). The Black Cat. In Library of Classic American Literature (pp. 1212-23). Philadelphia: Courage Books.

Include the same information in an MLA-style Works Cited page, but insert the date after the publisher. At the end, give the format, such as print. Put story titles in quotation marks as you would within the text, for example:

Poe, Edgar Allan. “The Black Cat.” In Library of Classic American Literature. Philadelphia: Courage Books, 2000. 1212-23. Print.


For both APA and MLA styles, include the author’s name, either in a parenthetical citation or integrated into the text. Include the page number in parenthesis after the quote.

For instance, you might introduce a quotation from “The Black Cat” with, “Poe describes the eerie scene…. (1216).”

If you did not mention Poe, then a complete parenthetical citation would follow the quotation:

(Poe, 1216).

In an APA citation, instead of page number, give the year:

(Poe, 2000).