How to Cite a Slogan in an MLA Format

The Modern Language Association Style of citation is used in the body of a paper to attribute information to a source and in the works cited page to give credit to the source. A slogan -- whether it belongs to a company, an individual or another entity -- should be cited based on where you read or heard it. Most groups post their slogans on their official Web sites, making the Web site a good source when you need to cite a slogan.


Set the slogan off from the rest of the text with quotation marks.

Insert an open parenthesis after the last quotation mark on the slogan.

Write the name of the author after the parenthetical mark. If the page has no noted author, write the title of the Web site in place of the author's name. Insert another parenthesis mark to close off the set.

Insert a period after the last parenthesis. It should look like this when you're done: "The company's slogan needs to be cited" (Smith).

Works Cited

Write down the last name of the author of the Web page. Write a comma, then write the first name. If you don't know the author, then omit the information. Put a period after the author's first name.

Write the name of the page where you found the slogan and set it off with quotations. After the quotations, put a period.

Write down the name of the whole Web site in italics. Put a period after the name of the Web site.

Write the name of the company, followed by a comma. Write the date when the page was created or updated -- whichever is more recent. Insert a period. Write down the date you accessed it, starting with the day, then the month, then the year. Insert a period.

Insert a less-than sign. Paste the exact URL where you found the slogan. Type a greater-than sign. Insert a period.

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