How to Cite Teacher's Notes

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Whether it is a research paper or information article, citing the references used is essential. Any source that is used in the development of the work should be given credit through a citation. This is necessary to avoid charges of plagiarism. This rule applies to information from a teacher's notes, which need to be cited in the same manner as a lecture. Sources can be cited using two different formats, either APA or MLA. This article describes how to use the MLA format.

Write the teacher's name. Use the last name first, followed by a comma, then the first name. Follow the name with a period.

Write the title of the lecture in quotation marks. Follow with period. If the lecture did not have a title, skip it.

List the sponsoring organization. If the lecture was given in your school, list the name of that school or college. Follow with a comma.

List the location. Use just the city. Do not include the state. Follow with period.

Give the date of the notes or lecture. List in order of day, abbreviated month, year. For example, for March 18th, 2010 the format is 18 Mar 2010.

Add a short descriptor (one to three words) to describe the nature of the source, for example, Lecture Notes.


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