How to Cite a Video in APA Format

Whether you are writing a paper about a film or television series or investigating the implications of a YouTube video, you'll need to cite your video sources. The sixth edition of the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide requires you to note your sources both on a reference list and in your text, when relevant.

Reference List - Videotape or DVD

To cite a hard copy of a video, use the names of both the producer and director. Cite a movie as a [motion picture]. Use [television series] or [television series episode] for hard copies of TV programs, in the following format:

Producer Last Name, First Initial(s) (Producer), & Director Last Name, First Initial(s) (Director). (Year of Publication). Title of film or video [type of document]. Publisher location: Publisher Name.

For example:

Klein, A. (Producer), & Jodorowski, A. (Director). (1973). The Holy Mountain [motion picture]. New York, NY: ABKCO Records.

If your video isn't widely available, include the name and address of the company where you found the video:

Donato, M. (Producer), & Jacobs, R. (Director). (2006). Kale in modern cooking [television series episode]. (Available from Healthy Foods Local, 200 East Spring Street, Tacoma, WA, 98406)

Reference List - Online Video Files

For online videos, you'd use the name of the person who posted the video in the author spot. You also must include the video's URL along with the month and day of the video, if possible. The document type for Web videos is [video file]. For example:

Day, F. (2015, March 3). #DearMe Video [video file]. Retrieved from

If only a screen name is known, use the screen name in the author position. For example:

Day[9]. (2015, February 3). Mostly walking - Life is Strange - P2 [video file]. Retrieved from

In-Text Citations

In-text citations should include the author's last name and the year of publication. For example: (Day, 2015).

For a source that has multiple authors, such as producer and director, include both in the citation: (Klein & Jodorowski, 1973).

For citations that use a screen name for the author, use the screen name in the in-text reference as well: (Day[9], 2015).