How to Cite a Videotape in APA Format

According to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (Sixth Edition), writers must cite all sources they use in a paper in order to avoid plagiarism. This admonition includes ideas, as well as words, including those published in media format such as videotapes. Proper documentation lends credibility to your paper and clearly acknowledges your source.

In-Text Citation

An in-text APA citation typically includes the author of a source and the year of publication. Instead of an author, use the producer and director's names for movies and documentaries that appear on videotapes and DVDs, a comma and the year it was released: Smith & Wash, 2009. If you cite a single episode from a program on your videotape, use the script writer's name, if you have one, along with the director followed by the year.

References Page

Begin the entry on the References page with the name you put in the citation: producer and director or script writer and then director. Use last name followed by first initial with a comma between and put the person's role, such as Producer, in parentheses. After a period, put the year in parentheses, followed by another period. Type the title of the piece, italicized, and then the medium in square brackets: [VHS]. Add another period and then the country of origin, a colon and the name of the studio. Place a period at the end of the entry.