How to Cite Quotes from a Website in APA 6th Edition

The American Psychological Association (APA) style on how to quote a source from a website depends on how long the quote is and how it is used. The sixth edition of APA style also had the exact way to cite the quote in the reference section of the paper.

Step 1

If the quote is longer than 40 words, it must start on a new line. Indent the quote by 5 spaces, or a 1/2-inch by Microsoft Word's ruler.

Step 2

Double-space the quote, and do not use quotation marks.

Step 3

Use brackets around ellipses to show omitted text, and use double quotation marks around a shorter quote within a quote.

Step 4

In references, name the website first, followed by the year in parentheses. That must be followed by the name of the article, and the line "Retrieved from" and the URL for the homepage of the article's database. An example would look like this: World Health Organization. (2009). "Malaria in western Africa." Retrieved from www.who/int/en


A basic rule of thumb: All quotes need a page number or a paragraph number, and that includes stand-alone websites.

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