How to Create a Fake Book Cover for Free

Fake book covers are often necessary for creating props for plays or for projects such as a student book report. They can also be useful for hiding the cover of a book you don't want others to see you reading. Fortunately, creating fake book covers for free is relatively easy to do.

Mock up your ideas for a book cover on a plain sheet of paper. Decide the size and placement of elements such as titles and bylines. If you have a specific book with a cover you intend to replace, measure the book carefully to make sure your fake cover will be the correct size.

Open a new document in PowerPoint 2007. Using your mock up as a guide, you can now create a professional looking design on the computer.

Click on the "Design" tab, choose "Slide Orientation" and then select "Portrait."

Create the book's title by selecting the "Insert" tab. Select "WordArt" and then choose one of the available styles. Type out your title and then click on another part of your document to finalize your title text.

Click on your title and select "Format." On this tab, you can select from a variety of options for your text, including 3-D effects, rotation, and shape fill. Choose the options that will best suit your title.

Repeat steps four and five to create additional text you will need for your book cover, such as bylines or blurbs.

Choose the "Text Box" option instead of "WordArt" for any plain text you want to insert on your book cover. If the byline, for instance, is not going to require rotation or any fancy styling, select "Insert," then choose "Text Box" and click on your document where you want to place the "Text Box." Type in the words you wish to use, then click anywhere on the document a second time to finalize your text. Click on the text once again and then right click. You can now select text formatting options such as the font type and the font size you would like to use.

Add pictures to your fake book cover by clicking on the "Insert" tab and selecting either "Pictures" or "Clip Art" to choose photographs or clip art to make your book cover more appealing visually. Resize and move your picture to fit the requirements of your book cover.

Print out your fake book cover on good card stock. Laminate your work, if you so desire and have access to a laminating machine.

Trim your fake book cover to fit your book and either glue or tape the cover securely to the book for which you have created the fake cover.

Things You'll Need

  • PowerPoint
  • Card stock
  • Book
  • Laminating machine (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Tape
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