How to Create a Music Book

The world of music is an expansive one. A music book can include a variety of information. You may want to make a music book that includes sheet music. Your music book could also include sections on music history, music theory and information about different musical instruments. Whatever your goal for creating a music book, the range of word processing and desktop publishing software available today makes it easy for you to design and create your music book right on your computer.

Step 1

Plan your music book before you begin compiling it. Decide what areas of music you want to cover. Gather any photographs you may want to include. Dedicate a specific folder on your computer where you will keep all of the files related to your music book, so everything is easily accessible when you need it. Some suggested categories for your music book include music history, music theory and actual sheet music.

Step 2

Open your word processor and write an introduction. The introduction should let readers know the type of information your music book will contain and the purpose of your book. State whether your goal is to teach your readers how to read and write music or simply expand their knowledge of music so they can better appreciate music as a whole.

Step 3

Write your text sections in a logical order. Music history might be first, then a section on famous composers in various musical genres. The next chapter might be a music theory section that covers reading music notes and combining notes to create songs. If you want to include songs you've written, place them at the back of the book.

Step 4

Place images in your music book throughout the text. Pictures of composers and music instruments will make appropriate additions to your music book manuscript. Place your cursor where you want to insert pictures, choose "Picture" from the "Insert" menu, and your pictures will be inserted into your manuscript.

Step 5

Save your book file and burn it to a disc. You can print it from your computer or take it to a professional printer to have it printed and bound. If you prefer, you can save your document as a PDF and share it as an ebook. There are also websites that specialize in creating small print runs of books for a fee (see resources).

Things You'll Need

  • Word processor
  • Pen
  • Paper
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