How to Create a Title Page

You can create a title page for a report, essay, or book. If you're creating a title page for an essay or report, the title page may include your name, the date, title, class and instructor's name. If you're creating a title page for a book you want to publish, however, it should include "the title, subtitle, author and publisher of a book," according to Joel Friedlander (The Book Designer). Since the title page says a lot about you, it should be easy to follow and look professional.

Create your title page in a word application of your choice. You can add it to an existing book (after the front cover).

Use a legible font (preferably in the same font you used in the remainder of your book).

Type the book's title in large, bold letters and press the "Return" key. Then add your subtitle (if you there's one) in a smaller text size, then bold it.

Press the "Enter" key a number of times until you are close to the bottom of your page. Then type your name. Use approximately the same text size you used for the subtitle.

Triple-space and type in the publisher's name and location.

Select the text on your entire page and center it. Adjust your page if it runs to another page.

Proofread and spell-check your work, then save the file.