How to Do a Bibliography in Turabian Style

Turabian style is one of the styles used for citing sources in an academic paper. According to American University Library, Turabian style receives most use from humanities, social sciences and natural sciences paper, but is actually used across many disciplines. The style was created by Kate Turabian of the University of Chicago, and it helps readers check the sources that the writer claims to have used in writing the paper.

Format your page correctly. The margins should be set to one inch on each side, and you should have the heading "Works Cited" centered at the top of the bibliography page.

Alphabetize your references by the last name of the author. Your sources must be listed in alphabetical order.

Determine the correct format for each source. For example, books use the following format:

Last Name, First Name. Title. Publication City: Publisher, Year of Publication.

Each type of resource has its own citation format that can be found online or in the Turabian style manual. Titles are always in italics and only the first letter of the title, subtitle and any proper nouns and adjectives are capitalized.

Set the first line of each bibliographic entry with the left margin. If the entry takes more than one line, indent each additional line five spaces.

Single-space each bibliographic entry, but double space between entries. For example, if your first entry took two lines to write, there would be no space between the two lines of the entry, but there would be a space between the first source cited and the second source cited.


Check with your professor to see if there are any changes he prefers to the original style. For example, even though the style only uses double spacing between sources, some professors may prefer that you use double spacing for the entire bibliography.

Make sure that your citations are accurate and that every source you used is cited; otherwise, you may be considered to have plagiarized your paper.