How to Cite a Song in MLA Format

Citing a piece of work using MLA format means using a citing method created by the Modern Language Association. The MLA has created their citation method for writers of research papers in non-science fields, such as literature, art or music. MLA format accounts for crediting song lyrics used to support a research claim.

Step 1

List the artist name, then the song title. List the record label next, then the year of publication. List the type of audio recording, whether it is a compact disk, audio cassette or record.

Step 2

Italicize the title of the song. Capitalize all words in the name of the band or artist.

Step 3

Add punctuation. Place a period after the artist and the name of the album. Place a comma after the record label, and a period after the year. Place a period after the type of recording.

Things You'll Need

  • Song lyrics
  • CD or audio cassette